I’m the Machinist of the Freedom Machine.

I’m in my mid-forties and live with my wife and two kids in the US and in Germany.

We achieved financial independence as a family 17 years after my graduation with an engineering degree. That means the passive income stream from our investments now surpasses our yearly spending. We achieved this with a high saving rate and investing this money mostly in equities. I’m currently still employed in a managerial role for an automotive manufacturer. Besides that my job can still be fun I also want to further fatten our nest egg. Some would call this “Fat-FIRE”. I just call it increasing our safety margin and living a good life.

Join me on our trip through life.

I started the Freedom Machine to show other like minded people things like the real value of money and the importance of saving and investing. But I will also speak about personal health and quality of life in different parts of the world. As a hint, it’s not about maximizing consumption or displaying wealth but about freedom and independence!

Everything we do is part of our own journey trough life. By being as independent as possible we can vastly improve the value of our experiences and we also have more time and energy to help others on their own way.

Have a Nice Trip – Buen Viaje – Gute Reise!